Cannaline TEA Relax & anti-stress

Ever heard that a cup of tea solves everything? While no single beverage can cure-all, this CBD Relax and Anti-stress tea might just come the closest. With its various ingredients, including lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender, you can enjoy prolonged relaxation and an overall happier mood. Plus, drink this tea before bedtime, and you are far more likely to get a good night of rest.The tea also includes mint, which helps with digestion. If you’ve had stomach issues throughout the day, brew a pot of this tea, and you are sure to feel better. If you suffer from UTIs, or you simply want to prevent them, the inclusion of heather helps as it supports normal urinary tract function.The other ingredients include rosehip and, of course, hemp. The rosehip helps support kidney and bladder function, making it an excellent addition to your usual diet. The hemp has a relaxing effect. Plus, it improves focus and overall brain function. With all of these wonderful ingredients, you will feel much better after drinking a cup.This is the best hemp tea because it incorporates multiple relaxing ingredients on top of hemp, ensuring you enjoy ultimate tranquility. If you need CBD tea for relaxing, you needn’t look any further.This pack of anti-stress tea includes ten bags so you can enjoy its healing benefits multiple times. Or, you could buy CBD tea in bulk to ensure that you never run out. Simply steep the tea bag for 15 minutes before indulging in this aromatic, stress-relieving beverage. Ingredients: lemon balm 35%, rosehip 15%, chamomile 15%, hemp seed 10%, mint 10%, heather 9%, lavender 5%, hemp leaf 1%. Vegan, No artificial color, No artificial flavour.

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